Bidvest Namibia Fisheries Holdings (Pty) Limited (Bidfish) is the holding
company of the fish division of Bidvest Namibia.

Bidfish comprises of a number of dynamic subsidiaries that are engaged
in various sectors of the fishing industry in Namibia offering a wide range
of products which include frozen horse-mackerel, monk fish, canned
pilchards, other canned products, fishmeal, fish oil and oysters. Bidfish
also has shareholding in a company in Angola, which is engaged in frozen
and fresh sardinella, horse-mackerel, fishmeal and fish oil.

All Bidfsh companies own and operate their own vessels in the different
sectors of the industry as well as the shore based operational premises
which are well suited for their needs.


Healthy Lifestyle

Glenryck fish is rich in natural-occurring omega-3 fatty acids, which
play a vital role in regulation of blood cholesterol levels. Vitamin B12,
also found in high concentrations in the fish, helps to protect the
walls of the arteries. This promotes cardiovascular health. The fish
contains the antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10, which further supports
cardiovascular health.

For those looking to reduce their carb intake and boost their protein
intake, Glenryck Pilchards are the perfect choice. What’s more…
they’re ready to eat.

Forget about unhealthy Fast Food! This is the fastest, healthiest
choice you can make. All you have to do is open the can and add your
favourite ingredients. The simplest meal you could make with our
pilchards is to simply put them onto wholegrain toast – which would
add a good dash of fibre and good carbs.


The Glenryck Brand

Glenryck is proud to be one of South Africa’s leading oil-rich canned
fish brands since 1937. Every delicious Glenryck pilchard is wild caught,
canned and shipped by us, and sourced from reliable, local, sustainable
sources. You only have to tuck into one of our great products to know
that we’re committed to quality. Whether it’s the texture and flavour of
the fish, or preserving as much of its nutritional value as possible, we
do our best for you and your family. Every Glenryck pilchard is packed
with protein, omega-3s and more, and we aim to keep them as nutrient
dense as possible. Go to The Incredible Pilchard page to see just how
much these powerful little fish can do for your health and wellbeing.
Modern, busy home cooks won’t find a protein source that’s tastier or
easier to use.

It’s ready to eat! Who can beat that?