About Us

At Glenryck, we love fish! We love everything about fish. Which is why we put our heart and soul into everything we do. We obsess about quality, support sustainability, celebrate diversity and champion well-being.

Our History

Established in 1937, when Jamie Jameson combined the names of his two children, Glenda and Derryck to form his new fishing company, with a vision to supply sustainably sourced, best quality canned fish to South Africa. And so, for the last 80 years, Glenryck’s reputation for quality and taste has been firmly rooted in the hearts and minds of our customers. And we’re just getting started…

Our fish (and your health) comes first

What makes Glenryck different? We travel the world to source the very best fish so much so that industry benchmarks us asking: “is it Glenryck quality?”. All our fish are born and grown free in the ocean and we never buy fish that hasn’t been responsibly and sustainably fished. Ever.

We also inspire South Africans to be the best they can be and we believe that starts with eating fish at least once a week as part of a balanced lifestyle. So we’ve made it our mission to reach a broader market by providing a variety of sustainable and affordable fish and meal solutions to all.

We do all this through product innovation, continuous marketing support, our large sales force and via an efficient distribution infrastructure that ensures Glenryck gets to wherever it needs to go. We’ve even invested in innovative distribution solutions in the South African region to deliver our pilchards to informal markets.

See just how much fish protein can do for your health and well-being here.


  • 1937 – The Glenryck brand is registered
  • 1940 – The Californian fish resource collapsed
  • 1950 – Glenryck pilchards marketed by Marine Products
  • 1950 – Saldanha pilchards marketed by the Saldanha group
  • 1961 – Glenryck, Lucky Star and Saldanha produced and marketed by Federal Marine
  • 1994 – Federal Marine comes under pressure from competition board for being a monopoly
  • 1998 – Glenryck, Lucky Star and Saldanha marketed and managed by different companies
  • 2015 – Bidvest Namibia buys Glenryck
  • 2016 – Bidvest Namibia establishes Glenryck South Africa
  • 2017/18 – Celebrating Glenryck South Africa’s 80th Birthday